Wednesday, February 13, 2019: Describe a time in your life when everything turned out okay despite the odds.

So, one time, I was living with my parents. None of us had grown up and moved away yet. The rules were super-strict. Like, strict enough that I honestly thought no one from school wanted to hang out with me. They called, the house. When friends called, though, my mom or dad would lie and say that I was not home. This went on for the longest time without my knowing about it. Let’s just say that when I did find out, it really hurt. Before that, I wouldn’t break the rules. I wouldn’t. I was a good girl. I was responsible. I did my chores, went to class everyday, went to work. That wasn’t good enough to earn any freedom though. I had a boyfriend all through high school whom my parents hated. I believe they would have hated anyone I dated though, honestly. But, instead of just voicing disapproval and warning me to be careful, they went so far as to tell me to break up with him. It was torture. I actually love him, still, since we got married. One day, I just decided that they weren’t allowed to torture me or him like that anymore, so I started messaging him late at night when they were asleep. Once or twice, my mom walked back to check on us kids and see if we were asleep, but I was doing “homework.”

After a few weeks of messaging late at night, my boyfriend and I decided to try to meet up late while my family was asleep. The first time, it was fairly cold out, but he was pouring heat off of him. We stayed in the backyard of my house because it was too risky for me to be away from the house. I had the brilliant idea to stay near to the house in case someone walked outside to smoke in the middle of the night. So there we are huddled together, he was half naked and shivering cuddled up next to me. Suddenly, the back door opens and out walks my dad. I am so sure he can see us, but I just sit there in the muddy grass next to a plywood well house listening to him hack and cough and smoke. My heart is pounding in fear. If he sees us, he will do something worthy of nightmares. My boyfriend is nervous too, I can tell, but he is still stifling a laugh.

As soon as my dad walks back into the house, my boyfriend and I rush to get redressed. He took off home, and I sneaked back in to bed.

The next time, my boyfriend had a car for us. That time, the real danger was that he couldn’t get it to start after it had parked, and we almost had to deal with a weird man in a large rusty blue van. Luckily, I made it back to bed with my precious secrets.

Eventually, my mom suspected something, and asked for the passwords to all my email and social accounts. She never found anything though. Probably, she couldn’t because I knew how to use the account better than she did and hid all of my correspondences. That’s how I managed to sneak out of the house growing up and never get caught. I didn’t do it many times, but I felt that I deserved the relationship with my boyfriend more than the isolation from everyone being imposed on me.

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